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Love Specialist & Spell Casting Nationwide

For an inside look into your life, contact me, World Famous Love Psychic Anastasia. I have the ability to take your past and transform it into a successful future. I’m able to cast spells to mend broken marriages, stop cheaters, provide readings that give you insight into your life history, and more. 

I have a wealth of experience with law enforcement and private investigators, Tibetan monks, and the Vatican. I was featured as a top psychic in the nation by USA Today and LA Weekly. I’ll use my skills effectively to provide whatever you seek. From the moment you call, I’ll be able to tap into your needs and help you in your life journey. 

Services Offered

addiction to alcohol

Addiction removal

Are you battling an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling? I'll remove what plagues you to help you overcome your addiction. 

couple on a swing

Mending MArriages

If your marriage has deteriorated, I'll bring positivity and passion back into your broken marriage. Together, we'll reignite the passion you thought had disappeared. 

stopping cheaters

If your spouse has been unfaithful, this spell will stop it for good. I'll redirect the energy and make sure that your lover doesn't stray.

man with lipstick on his collar


If you're searching for something specific, I'll customize a spell that fits your needs.  

woman holding out her hand
man and woman embracing


Don't let your past lover get away. This spell will bring you together with your true love that you thought was gone forever.  

businessman ready to race


When you're wanting to take your professional life in a new direction, I can help. This spell will introduce you to a world of opportunity so you can find the job of your dreams.   


Find out how your horoscope affects all areas of your life. From your personality to the way you live, this reading will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  

list of zodiac signs


All the questions you have about your life will be answered during this reading. You can ask me anything and I'll give you the answer you seek.  

book with zodiac signs
tarot cards


For those who strive to have a deeper understanding about themselves, my tarot card readings are the solution. They'll be personalized to you.  

spiritual meditation


Do you feel like negative energy is affecting your life? I'll perform a spiritual cleansing to help you feel at peace.  


My comprehensive psychic readings will give you the answers you're looking for. From potential relationships to your career, I can tell you everything you want to know.  

psychic palm reading


Our pets are one of the most important companions we have in life. If you've always wanted to communicate with animals in your life, now's your chance.  

love spell


Fall in love and create a spark with the help of my love spells. You'll experience the romance and devotion you've always wanted.  

money spell


Financial stability is something we all want. Let me show you how I'll provide this for you through my money spells  

Featured in la weekly

My readings are accurate and give you a clear way to map out a successful future. The readings I provide include tarot, pet, and horoscope, among many more. My readings are very thorough, and I understand that a lot of information could seem overwhelming. Because of this, I take the time to discuss it all with you so that you feel confident when the conversation is over.

If there’s something specific you wish to understand about your life, contact me. I’ll create customized spells to make it happen. Call me any time of the day or night and I’ll use my experience to your advantage.